"In 2008 it was time to take a journey of exploring the land and myself. My journey was not about creating artwork; it was about gathering information first hand. I treated every moment as if it was my last chance to grasp, appreciate, explore and ultimately understand life of this continent. From the south to the tropics to the magical red centre. From the plus-42 degrees Simpson Desert to the minus ten frosty sunrise in Alice Springs, observing the life of indigenous people and so on it goes. Overall I learnt a lot; not only about the continent but also about myself, that is priceless and inspiring. Life for me is a school of possibilities where one needs to choose from an array of information in the depth of time one lives in. Wherever that information is from and whatever one does with it in their field is all choice. The information I needed and collected will be embedded in me for a long time. I will try to use it to my maximum, with the spirit never known to me before now. As I painted every sketch day in and day out I wondered if I should have made this journey a long time ago. I am there now. " -  Sonny Dalimore, 2015